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fullharleydavidson-fullharleydavidson-fatboy 2008 red_light


Fat Boy 2008

Wonderful HD Fat Boy, perfect engine and chassis, all services by HD Garage

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Harley Engine History

History February 23, 2018

Harley Davidson cool video of Engines History


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Production February 21, 2018

Harley Davidson Production is different


What do you think?

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Fat Boy 2018

Softail February 20, 2018

What do you think about Fat Boy 2018?








This motorcycle has always been one of my favorite of the big twins.
I adored its bullet holes in the wheels, the front light so big, the shape of the rear fender, and many other features. . .
The 2018 edition at the moment leaves me without that strong feeling of the previous: what do you think?

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Motor Bike Expo 2018 Verona

Fair & Expositions February 13, 2018

In 2018 the Motor Bike Expo has been really full of Harley Davidson, and not only, indeed.

Here some pictures of the Verona Fair, full of motorcycles, full of visitors, full of enthusiasts!

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